Hello Fellow Amateurs;

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those hams that were able to attend the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc. Annual General Meeting at the Pinewood Inn on Sunday in Espanola. It was wonderful to see everyone again and I was overwhelmed with the turn out. We had over 40 amateurs that attended to the point it was standing room only in the meeting room.

As per our new by-laws and government incorporation laws I have a duty as your President to inform the membership that was unable to attend as to what took place and give an opportunity for those not in attendance to respond. I have attached the agenda and the items were discussed and voted on with the people in attendance. We will be completing the minutes and will distribute to all and have it posted on our website at www.ve3rmi.org so please watch for it. Here are the main points discussed and voted

  1. Since our present members of the club executive submitted a resignation letter Jim & Lorraine McLean our Vice-President and Treasurer asked to resign from their positions due to health reasons as per incorporation rules the positions needed to be filled. Louella Noble VE3LDY was nominated for the position of Secretary/Treasurer the floor was then open for further nominations and no other names came forward. A vote was taken, and all were in favour with no opposition. I am now opening the floor for those that were not in attendance to see if anyone else that is a member would like to put their name forward or any nomination for this position. I am putting one week forward until 15th April and if I hear no further response Lou Noble VE3LDY will be elected as the new Secretary Treasurer. If I do receive further names, then a balloted vote will take place.
  2. The position of Vice-president was open and Rusty Auxier VE3WVA name was placed forward for the position. No other came forward it was voted, and all present were in favour with none opposed. I am putting the position forward if there are any further names to come forward for this position. Again I will give to 15th April and if nothing comes forward then Rusty Auxier will be elected as our new VP.

The position on the VE3RMI was discussed and the voted position by all in attendance with no opposed was to go ahead with the project to purchase the new antenna and heliax check with CBC regulations and hire the riggers to install the system. All were in favour. Again if nothing further heard I will give a week until 15th April for any further discussion if nothing heard then this will be the plan of action.

The topic of dues and after a long discussion it was decide that the MARC Inc. dues need to be increased for the cost of operations and payment of Insurance, Hydro and Internet costs. A Motion was put forth with these figures to increase the dues from $30 single membership to $40 a year and $40 Family to $60 Family 2 or more max 3 members. This was voted for with all in favour none opposed. Again if anyone has concerns or comments please bring it to my attention and if nothing heard this will be passed. Please be advised this will start in the year 2020 this year the dues will remain the same.

Full details will be in the minutes that will be sent out in e-mail and posted to our website. Again if you wish to be informed regarding future issues with the club it is required to become a member and we must have your present contact information as to address, phone number and e-mail so we can contact you. You do not need to be a member of our club to enjoy the use of the repeaters or systems and attend our events. However non members of course will have no voting privileges and access codes to internet repeater systems.

We are moving forward with the club and this new repeater update will provide further and better access to the VE3RMI system and with the second phase of System Fusion C4FM linking coverage to the world on RMI what does that mean you can sit in your living room with a handheld and join us on the repeater.

Please stay tuned for further updated to those that paid your membership thank you so much for those still waiting please send them in as we do need the funds to pay the bills.



Allan Boyd



Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc.

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Little Current, Ontario


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