Taken from the Ontars website:

"This ham of the year can regularly be found at GBARC club meetings and breakfasts. 

Actively contributes good ideas to the executive during these events.  Has

participated on a very regular basis at the weekly GBARC nets.  Can be found on

ONTARS on a regular basis.  Often times is the GBARC or ONTARS net operator and is

very good at it.  Has picked up on the digital radio presentations from the club

meetings and is using some of these items for digital comms.  Can be found using

digital to participate in other amateur radio club nets.  I can honestly say that this

ham of the year is very sociable and promotes the virtues of Ham Radio."


Maureen has been a long standing member of our club here on Manitoulin, and has

been a regular at our annual picnics.  She also checks in on the DSTAR nets on

Mondays, and on the website for our Sunday and Thursday nets.  She is working on her

CW as well as getting involved in the digital modes, who KNOWS where she finds the