VE3RII is a brand new UHF machine going in Manitowaning, Ontario, Assiginak Township.

It WILL BE on a frequency of 444.175 + split, requiring a 156.7hZ tone.

It WILL BE Asterisk Node 28505.

As of this writing, (5 Oct 2012) I am tuning up the RX ... TX is done... It will be running 25 watts (we have a 100 watt PA on standby if needed) to a 2 bay commercial Sinclair antenna atop a 70 foot tower on a bit of a bluff.

The Asterisk computer is built ( a mini itx box, capable of running on 6 - 24V DC, dual core Intel Atom processor with 2G of DDR3 RAM and a 60G solid state hard drive)

UPDATE 11 October 12

Things are progressing nicely... the RX & TX are tuned up... both look great! Got the rack wired up, controller is basically programmed... waiting to put some finishing touches on the asterisk node (with Jon's help VA3RQ from down south).

We have a small work party meeting at the site in the morning to get a bit of work down, so are moving along!

Please keep checking back often; I will update this page as the build progresses; we hope to have it operational in the next few weeks.

UPDATE 20 Oct 12

Saturday, 20 Oct 2012 VE3RII went on the air! I feel like a proud pappa :-)! Initial reports are very good! Pat VE3HZQ was able to work it all the way to Nairn Centre, Jim VE3LJM was able to get into it mobile from Kagawong with no problem. Of course, Manitowaning is completely covered; pretty rough copy in downtown Sheguindah, as to be expected. It gets pretty rough at Hwy 6 and 542 also. I can't get it directly from Mindemoya, even from the base with a 7 element antenna at 30 feet. Al VE3AJB can work it perfectly from his base in Little Current.

The Asterisk node is working perfectly; it is node 28505.

It is on a frequency of 444.175 + split, requiring a 156.7 hz tone. It is only running 25 watts into the duplexer, with almost 21 watts out to the antenna (great job on the duplexer, Jon!)

Made a quick trip back to Manitowaning yesterday and replaced a temporary cable between the RX and preamp. This seemed to remove most of the squelch burst at the end of the TX. Thanks to Dwayne Elliott for his help.

It was not expected to blanket the island, as it is only 25 watts to a 2 bay 310C2 Sinclair antenna.

Many thanks to all that helped. Signal reports are appreciated!

Update 15 Oct 12

The router is going down when the hydro goes out for a bit; it went out for an hour Saturday night; I THINK what happened is the voltage regulator dropped out when the battery voltage dropped below 13 volts; plans are to make a trip to Manitowaning this Saturday after breakfast and wire the modem into the computer power supply; it's a 120 watt unit with power to spare... and it will continue to deliver 12 volts right down to 6 volts!



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